Promote a car Tinting Business

How to Promote a Car Tinting Business.

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Planning to start a car window tinting business? You need to do one thing among many other things. Promote the business. Actually any business, big or small needs promotion. Without it the business may not see the light of the day.

Well, you have an idea and you have managed the investment it needs. You are ready to set up office and employ people. But there must be customers for your business. They are the ones going to bring in the money you need. Customers will come in only when they get to know of your business.

We assume that car tinting is a business that is not very common in your city. There is a fat chance that your company may be able to last. If there are others already in the market ahead of you, the going gets tough for a beginner.

What are the ways in which you can promote your work? If it is a small town you have an advantage. It is easier to promote things among a small population than among a few million people.

Research. That is the first step. Example, If you would be based in  Edmond Oklahoma. Look up window tinting Edmond Ok Research into the people and their lifestyle in the area you are in. How many people have cars? How many are already tinted? Your target will be those that have cars and haven’t got it tinted yet. Now plan a marketing strategy. What is the most popularly used medium in your town?

Do people still stick to newspapers? Do they watch television a lot? The answers to these will be the stepping stones to your solution. Even if it is a small location and not very thickly populated, it is possible that the population is young. If so, they may be aware of online marketing ways. In which case, use a website. First build a website for your business and then SEO it. This way it will appear in the search engine’s pages at the top or at least on the first page. This way more people will eye your company.

Once you have the website and it is receiving hits, see what ways are available to increase the number of potential converts. All of these take time and you must keep at it. Keep track of the number of visitors. How many visitors take keen interest in buying maybe at a future time if not today? Is it possible to reach out to them later?

Promote your website, essentially your business online. Use social media and marketing to make your company popular. While focusing on the marketing methods, don’t lose track of offline activities. In small places, word of mouth publicity also helps. People who drop in to your store/office may be handed a visiting card that they can keep. Put up a board at a place outside the office where passersby will notice.

When the business has picked up, which could be a year from the start, you will still need to continue the promotion efforts. Running a business is not a onetime activity.

Pros of Leash on Kids

Pros of leash for kids

Toddlers safety reins

There are parenting products that have made their entry into the market. Some of these have found takers and others naysayers. The kid leash is one of them. At first thought the image that crosses the mind is that of a dog that we want under control. It is not always the control we seek; sometimes it is for their protection and safety. It is this part that some parents need to wrap their head around.

Imagine yourself in a crowded area where you are busy attending to something. The child is with you and it is your responsibility to see that he is safe and doesn’t venture far. While you may just be in a shopping mall or store and the child walks away to “discover” or “explore” you can still get hold of him if he is within eyesight. But what if the area is large and he can’t see you and you can’t either? You are browsing through the latest bag collection and your kid wants to explore the store and within a minute, he is off limits. The alarm goes off.

You become a wreck within minutes.

But let’s imagine the same situation with the reins for toddlers or child on a leash. While it may not be pleasant for the child to be leashed, but the child and the parent both would be able to avoid the above situation. Would you not prefer that?

Would it not be nice to have your child tied to you rather than running around with watery eyes? All it takes is a second for your life to change. Can we take that risk?

We are not just avoiding a bad situation. We are also protecting the child from harm. Parents venture into all kinds of areas that may not be safe for the small child, so keeping them in leash so they remain range bound could be in the interest of the child too. The kid still has the ability to explore his little world but within certain limit. The leash gives the mother peace of mind.

People have different mindsets and it could be humiliating for some to do that to their kids. But would you not be safe rather than sorry?

If you are still wondering whether to leash your kid, think of all the bad situations you can save them from. Just ignore any comments or glares. We aren’t going to do this forever. It is only for some time until the child begins to learn the safety rules. The child may be too small to understand boundaries at this age but as you teach them where not venture and why, they will begin to listen to you more often. As a parent start setting boundaries.

Let the child know that they can only venture so far without consequences. The parent shouldn’t tug at the tether or drag the child.

As always there are two viewpoints. But if you remember that the intention is to keep the child safe, you may feel encouraged to adopt the leash.